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Maywood Covenant Church

   Maywood Covenant Church began as a Sunday School in 1896 under the direction of Lars Bowman.  In 1901, Nels Forschen offered an acre of land on which to build, and the church was officially organized.  Work on the first church building began the next spring, 1902, and was ready to occupy by may.

   Before 1914, itinerant ministers served the church.  Many revival meetings were held in these days and the results were shown in increased attendance and interest in the work.  Due to these facts, the group decided to obtain a more regular pastor.  These men came on a regular basis, once a week or twice a month, as they were able.  At the same time, the church became a member of the Northwest Mission Association, which helped the congregation financially and thus able to call a full time resident pastor.  Reverend E.B. Swanson came in 1924.  The membership in the Covenant Church of America began in 1931.

   The original church building stood from 1902 to 1952.  The second church building was then constructed with a Sunday School addition added in 1985.  Shortly after the churches 100 year anniversary came a turning point in Maywood’s history.  Lightning struck the building and it was destroyed.  The congregation chose at that time to move the location of the church from  it’s very rural location in Maywood township, to the edge of town in Foley.  The current building was constructed in 2002 in the new location.  The church continues to be blessed in the new location as we serve a growing congregation.

Original building

1952 Building

Current Building